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Honor Yoga Online Course | Practice, Teach & Embody Yoga’s Roots

We’re in the midst of a perspective shift in the Western yoga world. And YOU can be a groundbreaking leader in this movement. 

What if you could step into the world of authentic yoga?

Deepen Your Practice, Honor Yoga’s Roots and Become a Next-Level Yoga Leader

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Coming Soon - Honor {Don't Appropriate} Yoga Book - Honoring Yoga's Roots

A course guide with reflection and action steps for this online series hosted by Susanna Barkataki and featuring more than 26 other experts to ignite integrity, celebrate diversity and embody yogic leadership. Coming Soon. 

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Integrating Equity | Honor Yoga Course

Learn how to have courageous conversations, embody equity, diversity and yogic values, and integrate visionary leadership into your classes and practice.

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Advanced Professional | Yoga Teacher Training

Advance your teaching and move towards mastery. Take the next step in your yoga teacher training and become a highly knowledgeable resource that your students love and trust.

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