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Honor Yoga's Roots Online Course | Practice, Teach & Embody Yoga’s Roots

We’re in the midst of a perspective shift in the Western yoga world. And YOU can be a groundbreaking leader in this movement. 

What if you could step into the world of authentic yoga?

Deepen Your Practice, Honor Yoga’s Roots and Become a Next-Level Yoga Leader

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Digital book packed with concepts, reflection & action practices to help you honor yoga's roots.

Created by Honor {Don't Appropriate} host Susanna Barkataki to ignite integrity, celebrate diversity and embody yogic leadership.

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Advance praise for Honor Yoga's Roots 

"As a Black woman, Yoga Teacher and educator, I see Susanna chooses empathy and connection over divisiveness and separation in her work. Required reading for anyone who teaches yoga, works as a healer or is interested in equity and equality on the mat."

- Diane Bondy, Founder of Yoga for All Yoga Teacher Training 200/500 

"Susanna is a visionary and trailblazer of our times. She is fierce in her commitment of helping people understand the harm of appropriation and commodification of yoga. In her new book, her wisdom touches the deepest part of this conversation and I am grateful for the depth of her ancestral knowing."

- Asha Frost, Ojibway Healer + Medicine Woman

Book Synopsis

Honor Yoga’s Roots: Courageous Ways to Deepen Your Yoga Practice is for those who love yoga but aren’t sure how to integrate their values into their practice while respecting yoga. 

It's also for yoga teachers who are curious or unsure about how to practice yoga deeper and more authentically, and for studio owners or yoga teacher training programs who want to ensure they are honoring yoga and not harming or offending unintentionally. It joins yogic practice and a cultural perspectives for greater equity, inclusion and diversity.

Barkataki explores the yogic traditions of the past, bringing them alive today, and preserving them for the future by examining what separates us, reflecting on our part, taking action for equity, and moving toward liberation together. Learn key skills to help understand the complex world of cultural issues and to embody yoga in a way that’s authentic, as well as unique to each person and their voice, rather than offending without intention. The teaching format of this book offers tools, resources, and a framework for deep personal inquiry as readers explore:

  •         Separation: How colonization, cultural appropriation, and oppression results in trauma for yogis and separation from yoga traditions.
  •         Reflection: Understanding the causes of separation and our individual roles either supporting separation (knowingly or not) versus creating unity and equity in yoga.
  •         Reconnection: Exploring specific and concrete skills and solutions for living and practicing yoga as unity.
  •         Liberation: Embody yogic practices to bring your practice alive and off the mat

This work is packed with clear explanations, reflection + action steps as well as practices for honoring and not appropriating yoga.

More praise for Honor Yoga's Roots

"Susanna's book is a game-changer. If you want to disrupt the way you understand and participate in yoga (and yoga "industry" in the West), you must read this book (especially, if you, like me, are a white yoga teacher working in an American wellness industry that often completely leaves out south Asian voices).

Essential reading for any teacher or practitioner who is in inquiry with their responsibility to honor the roots of this culture and practice."

- Amber Karnes, Founder, Body Positive Yoga

"I am so grateful to be humbled by this book. It is necessary, not optional, for those of us who have felt the benefits of the practice of yoga to honor these perspectives and integrate them into our self-study and lives. Thank you, Susanna, for your powerful contributions to this space."

- Maris Degener, Yoga Student and Teacher

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