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A digital book packed with clear explanations, reflection + action steps as well as practices for honoring and not appropriating yoga.

Created by the Honor {Don't Appropriate} Yoga series host Susanna Barkataki that features more than 26 other experts to ignite integrity, celebrate diversity and embody yogic leadership.

A revolutionary perspective shift is OVERDUE in our Western yoga and wellness world. 💌

The Honor Yoga workbook takes these concepts further, guides discussion, reflection, suggests activities, provides journal and action prompts to engage deeper in this work.

So you can LEARN and ACT to deepen your practice and embody yogic traditions of the past, learn how to bring them alive today and preserve them for the future.

It's full of actionable, concrete tools to address appropriation, bring yogic traditions ALIVE today and preserve them for the future by honoring yoga's roots.

The interview series will remain FREE and the course workbook and guide is $20 pre-order. (It will be $25 after pre-order.) 

Coming Soon. 

Join the movement 💪to Honor Yoga and bring it alive in your daily life 🔥

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