Integrating Equity | Honor Yoga Course


Integrating Equity| Honor Yoga Course 

Learn how to have courageous conversations, embody equity diversity and yogic values, and integrate visionary leadership into your classes and practice.

This is where bright and curious seekers of knowledge come to embody their values as they become powerful leaders shaping a new world. If you’ve ever been unsure, insecure, or just curious about how to practice yoga more appropriately, this course is for you!

We created this series for those who love yoga but aren’t sure how to integrate their values into their practice while respecting its roots. Through our short informational video modules, you’ll channel your wise energy to deepen your connection to yoga.

You’ll learn key skills to help you understand the complex world of cultural issues and to embody yoga in a way that’s authentic, as well as unique to you and your voice, rather than offending without intention.

Get encouragement for empowerment in your practice. Gain more confidence as you magnify the transformation you’ve already experienced through yoga and share it with others in more appropriate ways that set you apart as a teacher or practitioner.

With simple video content that’s both easy-to-understand and powerful, you’ll complete the course quickly and emphatically - allowing you to immediately get started on embodying your practice more fully!


After taking this course, you’ll:

  • Gain a clear analysis of power, critical issues in honoring yoga and lessening harm

  • Become a bold trailblazer for equality, diversity, and inclusivity

  • Learn how to hold and participate in courageous conversations

  • Embody yogic values that unite us all

  • Find your purpose and ignite your creative voice, while honoring the roots of yoga with an ethic rooted in power, privilege and leadership

  • Center healing, art, ritual and spirit

  • You’ll understand your spiritual space and positioning in order to more effectively change the world

Overall, this course is for any devoted practitioner, teacher, studio owner and yoga student who wants to integrate more equity and properly honor their practice.


Register below to experience yoga that unifies and empowers!

In this course, you will receive...

  • In-depth Weekly Module Teaching Videos with Susanna Barkataki
  • Weekly Guided Practice Videos // Reflective Journal Questions + Guided Meditation Practices.
  • Live Office Hours with Susanna Barkataki 
  • Downloadable Audio files of practices
  • Downloadable PDF worksheets
  • Beautiful 'Community Course Hub' with resource library + a brave space to share your experiences and get support.


How long do I have to complete the course?

This course is specially designed to support you through a transformative educational process - and it is one that can be engaged non-linearly. Each module will come out one week at a time for 6 weeks, starting April 3rd. You have flexibility for completing the course - and can do it on your own time, anywhere you’d like. Once you are in, you have lifetime access to this course and that includes any future course content updates! So you can start now, and continue to digest as you evolve and grow.


I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed, busy and nervous. Are you sure I can do this?

YES, you can do this!  This course is scheduled to be released over 6 weeks and you have access to it for a lifetime! This course will begin April 3rd and you can engage with the content at any time.

Any growth worth really diving into will often bring up some nervousness. This nervousness is a great sign that you are ready to grow in a meaningful way.

It may get a little uncomfortable at times, but you will be supported by the meditations, journal prompts, Susanna’s live coaching support in our office hours, and the private community here to engage and uplift you.

If you are here, I know you are a seeker who wants to bring more equity, vitality and authenticity to your yoga practice. You really care about this stuff. And that is great, because I do too and we are in this together!

You've got this! Reclaiming, unpacking and honoring yoga is such a worthwhile adventure.


I’m not sure I have the time to learn all that is inside this program. Can you explain how it works?

If you are willing to invest about an hour or so a week, and show up for your own growth, you can totally do this!  Each week over 6 weeks a new module will be released. Each module has a couple short videos for you to watch, a guided meditation and and action/reflection section. You can watch/listen on the go and complete the reflections on your own time.

This is the fun kind of school!  So much of this work involves integration over time through a non-linear, reflective, and creative process. 

We’ve got some great incentives inside the course to keep you motivated and on track as you are learning!


How many spaces are available?

Many! Since this is an online course that engages group learning there is space for all. And we all so need this.


What is the price of the course?

This course is normally $447 and with the course discount you can enroll for $297!


Is this course open year round?

No. To maximize learning, we've found a mixture of video modules, reflective assignments, meditations and group discussion is best for integration. So, this course opens once a year in the Spring and runs for 6 weeks. Of course, once you are enrolled, you have access to the materials and can go at your own pace, revisit the meditations and modules and re-engage with the community all through the year!


I’ve taken other online courses and not done the work. How is this one different?

This course is specifically designed to be accessible, thought-provoking, and challenging in all the right ways as well as enjoyable. Each of the short and informational video modules will help you deepen your connection to yoga while learning how to properly honor and embody equity. Our guidance and your care for the topic will bring you back.

We’ve also got some gamification - that means some fun and great incentives inside the course to keep you motivated and on track as you are learning!


I really want to participate but I don't believe I can afford it. Are there any alternatives or options?

If your heart is singing YES but you don’t believe you can afford it we want to make it accessible. Know that this course is already configured to give you maximum value. We’ve lowered the price below value to create greater access.

In addition, we have a number of additional $150 scholarships to BIPOC who apply, based on need. Please apply by sending an email sharing why you are in need of a scholarship with the subj: Scholarship: Integrating Equity to


How does the guarantee work?

If after you've participated in the first week and you don’t feel you've gained any value, simply reach out, show us you’ve done all the assignments and work, and you’ll be eligible for a full refund by the end of the first week. Please see our Terms for more details.

And remember, we have a 100% money back guarantee if you do the work. So there’s no risk.


Get ready to dive deep and experience yoga that unifies and empowers!

If you have any questions about the course please email


I can't wait to connect, share and integrate yoga equity with you.

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Course Introduction: Celebrating Your Visionary Leadership M1

6 Lessons

Welcome to Integrating Equity!

Embodiment: How Integrating Equity Takes Your Yogic Values Deeper M2

4 Lessons

Speaking Truth: How to Have Courageous Conversations M3

5 Lessons

Empowerment: How Power Works for Personal and Social Change M4

4 Lessons

Holding Space: How to Integrate Equity, Identity and Action M5

5 Lessons

Course Conclusion - Where We Go from Here: Building Power with Empathy and Relationship M6

1 Lessons