Embrace Yoga's Roots Online Course | Practice, Teach & Embrace Yoga's Roots

Deepen Your Practice, Embrace Yoga’s Roots and Become a Next-Level Yoga Leader in 2020

Imagine . . . Distinguishing yourself as a teacher and practitioner who embodies yoga philosophy and ethics in everyday life.

Deepen your practice and become a leader who embodies yogic values, creates genuine unity, stands for social justice in real tangible ways, and takes the practice beyond self care and into community care. 

It’s time to embrace yoga on and off the mat.

This is for those who love yoga but aren’t sure how to integrate their values into their practice while respecting its roots. 

How this course takes you further:

  • Confidently open, close and teach an embraceing yoga class that is a ritual for connection and speaks to the mind, body and spirit of your students
  • Learn the key Framework to become a bold trailblazer for equity in yoga and embody true yogic values so you can find unity, even while creating social change
  • Drop in more consistently to be present in the moment with yourself and everything & everyone around you
  • Live yoga as a way of life: Wake with a mantra on your mind, get up and practice walking meditation to the bathroom, practice yoga asana, eat and do the activities of the day with gratitude and contentment, all in a flow state.
  • Tap into the burning reason you were called to your first yoga class so you can ignite your own creative voice while embracing the roots of yoga 

You'll receive specific tools to deepen your practice as an authentic devoted practitioner, teacher, studio owner, and student of yoga. In addition, these tools will enable an ongoing deeper inquiry of what embraceing rather than appropriating yoga looks like in your practice.

Learn more about the full Embrace Yoga course here including over $6000 of bonus content.

What Past Students are Saying:

“Because of our time together, my realizations and the many energetic insights poured in, I am equipped to continue on my path, authentically. The future is brighter than ever imagined.” 

- Kristen, Yoga Teacher

Will you deepen Your Practice, Embrace Yoga’s Roots and Become a Next-Level Yoga Leader?

“This course reminded me of my own direction, and the power of yoga for community and collective healing. Thank you! 🙏🏽”

Aracely, Yoga Teacher

21 Modules

Welcome Bonus Course 2: OM to Bliss: Mindset & Energy Support for Success in These Times

Module 1: Embracing Yoga’s Roots

Here in our first module, we lay the foundation of knowledge and define yoga and cultural appropriation. It’s important to learn language and understand core concepts that help us understand one another. You will learn the Embrace Yoga Framework and see how the more we learn about what separates us, the easier it is to come back together. 

Office Hours

Bonuses Summary

1st Bonus: Done For You Embrace Yoga Class Scripts

3rd Bonus: “Never Get Caught Out Again” Cultural Appropriation Bingo

5th Bonus: “3 Creativity Killers & 3 Creativity Boosters” Written Guide

6th Bonus: “Practical, Dumpster Fire Avoiding A’s to your Burning Q’s” Recording

7th Bonus: For When You Want to Give Up: Yoga Equity Mindset Audio

8th Bonus: “How to Have these Conversations in Your Studio & Dealing with Counter-Arguments” Coaching and Resource Guide

9th Bonus: “Language is Power - What to Say and What Not to Say” Worksheet and Find Your Voice Ritual

10th Bonus: 2 Months Access to the 'Embrace Yoga Coaching Community with Susanna Barkataki'

Modules for this product 21
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